akhirnya pergi ke shiro hige yang jualan sus krimnya berbentuk totoro.

katanya owner itu masih ada hubungan dengan miyazaki hayao(yang menggambar totoro / ghibli)
buka toko jualan sus krim terus joinan sama cafe jadi banyak pembeli sekarang.

shiro hige cafe

tokyo-to setagaya ku daita 5-3-1

how to go to shiro hige;

from shinjuku st, go to setagayadaita st (odakyu line) around 15mins,
dont use rapid/express because the train will not stop in this station.
if you use it, stop in shimo kitazawa and change to local train (stop one by one )
west exit, walking around 5-7mins.
you also can walk from shimo kitazawa.

totoro cream puffs nya ada musim2nya

# strawberry cream puff
from january to may – sakura (picture)
# peach cream puff
from june to september – pink hat
# maroon cream puff
from october to december – chocolate leaf
# matcha cream puff
from april to september – green hat

regular cream puff
# custard cream puff – green leaf
# chocolate cream puff – blue hat
# caramel cream puff – yello hat
must ask to shopper to buy caramel one.

tips and some infos ;
# the shop close only monday
# if you went to there on weekend, must be earlier because cream puffs always sold out so fast
# you can take out cream puffs, but i recommend for eating in cafe because the view is perfect as background
# in cafe, must order one drink
# the place is between houses, quite hard to find. use google map 🙂